Universal Tarbiyah launches the new app - Quran Stories with HudHud

Universal Tarbiyah releases the very first mobile application teaching the stories of the Quran in an interactive and engaging way.
The UK based organisation Universal Tarbiyah have just released a brand new mobile application which takes children on a journey through the stories of the Quran. In this new interactive app children learn about the stories of the Quran through colourful illustrations, interactive animations and a wide range of different activities. The application is a one of its kind and has been developed by a team of professionals ranging from professional authors, graphics designers, illustrators, animators, programmers and voice over artists. 
The new app helps both children and adults understand the stories that are told in the Quran. The application features interactive animations that bring the story to life as well as quizzes and activities that help kids comprehend and remember what they learn. The activities include specially designed games based on an incident within each chapter as well as generic games such as matching cards, sequence game, jigsaw and other fun and educational games. 
The app also features the new song Quran Teaches Me which was also produced by Universal Tarbiyah and released on the same day as the app.

In their first release of the application the Story of the Prophet Yusuf has been presented as told in the Quran. The app is completely free of charge and includes the first three chapters of the story as well as associated activities for each chapter. The story of Yusuf is one of the most famous stories in the Quran and is also a familiar story to both Christians and Jews where it is mentioned in both the Bible and Jewish scripture. The app provides a platform for all people around the world and across different cultures and religions to learn about the stories within the Quran. 
The app has been released in the English language as a start with the developers planning to translate the app into several different languages to make it accessible to the whole world.

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