About Universal Tarbiyah
Tarbiyah Means ' Nurturing and Upbringing' in Arabic and our Tarbiyah is what shapes us as human beings.
All parents want to provide their children with the best upbringing so that they can become successful people in this life and the next. 

Universal Tarbiyah was created to provide parents with the resources they need in today's world of the internet and technology in order to make Islam and the Quran an integral part of their children's life. All of our content and products are created to ensure authentic knowledge about Islam is being taught to children in the most fun and engaging way possible.

Our Dream
Imagine if all of our children were really connected with the Quran and grew up to embody the great values that it teaches.
Values such as Patience, Honesty, Generosity, Wisdom, Bravery, and Good Character. 
What an amazing world we would live in!
That's our dream at Universal Tarabiyah and together we can make it a reality.

If you'd like to support this great dream and would like to get in touch with us then please feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

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